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Accelerated Program

MONTH 1: CLEARING (5 sessions)

  • Creating a cleansed foundation within the body temple for new coherent information of your next chapter (desired life).  Clearing the body temple of trauma, including past-life, generational and subconscious 

  • 4 sessions, 1.5 hrs each (1 session per week)

  • First onboarding session 2+ hrs, 

  • breath analysis, with specific feedback on what your breath may be indicating and techniques to improve it

  • Monthly check-in, at client’s convenience

MONTH 2: CLARITY (4 sessions)

  • Identifying your main 3 GATES - Deepen your connection to your 3 GATES which are directly linked to your main 3 GIFTS. This is your path of least resistance, in order to live a harmonious life. 

  • Identifying your Divine Guides, Higher Self and Ancestors, that have always been there to support you on your journey, but require your connection and permission. Adjust your life to the right path, towards a life worth experiencing.

  • The Way of the Masters: 7 Mirrors of Breathwork - Training on how to cultivate true wisdom, testing of the process and how  it will feel in your body - 4 sessions/ 1 session a week + 1 break week

  • Monthly check-in, at client’s convenience


  • Acupressure Affirmation Cranio Acoustic training - Acupressure touch and mastering your (self-)guided breath practice using advanced breath support techniques

  • Expand into your spiritual bodies: moving qi meditations through qigong trainings

  • 2 breath sessions, two qigong sessions 

  • 4 sessions/ 1 per week + 1 break week

  • Monthly check-in, at client’s convenience

Gifted material for your process:

  • Two bottles of high concentration liquid magnesium for your post-breath integration ritual - which is vital for the body’s nervous system and gut-brain connection

  • Eye mask

  • Qigong warmup video and practice video (month 3)

  • HRV Resonant Breathing app - to help you identify the perfect parasympathetic (self-healing nervous system) breath. HRV is a leading, lesser-known indicator of health and longevity

  • Post-training: Big Bliss Training (video series) - a 3 part neuro-spiritual video training to deepen your meditation practice and connection to the bliss center of your nervous system


  • 3 months dedicated to embodying your Higher Self as it reveals itself through your sessions. Flexible to your busy and sometimes shifting schedule.

  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco, especially 24 hours before any session.

  • Avoid eating 1.5 hours before every session, water ok

  • 1-2 hours for integration after every session: journal, nature time, digital detox and/or liquid magnesium soaks (full body bath or feet soak)

  • 2 emergency reschedule sessions

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