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Undiluted Liquid Magnesium
Undiluted Liquid Magnesium Soak 
  • Transdermal magnesium is the superior way to absorb magnesium and benefit your nervous system, and in turn, the experience of present presence (YouTube: Forrest Knutson analysis)

  • Once or twice a week I soak in a hot bath for 45 minutes using 1/4 cup of Living the Good Life Naturally's Undiluted Liquid Magnesium Soak in bathtub.

  • Purchase 32oz Magnesium Soak bottle here

  • Some people I know use foot baths.

  • There are natural mineral hot springs  outside most major cities.


  • Avoid eating 1.5 hours before your session

  • Set up your online/breathing space (see photo instructions) in a private room where you will feel safe to breathe to music and at times tone with your voice and breathe expressively.

    • FOR ZOOM: Set up your laptop/phone webcam on a stack of books or coffee table, positioned above your body.

    • Make sure your lower torso and top of your head are in the camera frame so I can guide and adjust your breath in real time.

    • Use two large couch cushions or pillows to support your back and neck

  • Connect your device to a blue tooth speaker/earbuds for better audio instruction and music quality;. you will breathe with music of various rhythms.  

  • Wear comfortable clothing, including pants with a comfortable waist line. Avoid wearing dark color tops so i can see the movement of your belly more clearly.

Find your ideal HRV Breathing rate
  • The highly-rated Resonant Breathing App (iPhone OR Android)  helps you practice HRV (Parasympathetic) Resonant Breathing by finding and then practicing your ideal breath rate. Created by former monk and longtime Kriya meditator/qigong practitioner Forrest Knutson.

  • As an alternative to the app, check out this YouTube playlist of various HRV Breath rates (3 BPM to 7 BPM) to find the breath rate most comfortable for you to practice on a regular basis

  • As you breathe, remember to bring 'the substance of your awareness' to the heart region -- aka feel loving awareness, 'soft inner smile' in the heart region.

  • No pauses between inhales and exhales. During each slightly extended exhale, feel a slight pressure on the backside of your heart in your chest (activates parasympathetic nervous system via dorsal vagal nerve at the back of chest/thoracic cavity)

  • In the beginning, all breath rates are created equal so don't try to aim for a fast or slow HRV rate

Why is HRV important?

National Institute of Health and Harvard studies found HRV is a leading indicator of physical and mental health. HRV can be improved through a breath practice, like this simple HRV Breath technique (video below) taught by Forrest Knutson, an HRV Breath teacher, former monk and advanced meditator. 

While the traditional "Heart Rate" measurement focuses on the average beats per minute, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measures the specific changes in time (or variability) between successive heart beats.​ The more quickly adaptive - or elastic - this rate is, the better. HRV Breathing can improve this elasticity and overall calmness.

Find the ideal HRV Breathing breath rate to practice the idea rate, using the free and simple HRV Breathing App.

Article: Physiopidea: Benefits of Improved HRV

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