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A new Monochord Album for breath, creating sacred space, journeying and chanting

FREE Track 1 : Breathing the Music of the Spheres 
FREE Track 2 : Heart Resonant Breathing Practice

"Functional sound medicine tuned to spiritual science"
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Album Tracks

Track 1: Breathing the Music of the Spheres (11:25)
Track 2: HRV Heart Resonant Breathing w/4 count inhale & 6                count exhale (9:47)

Track 3: We Are One ॐ (4:22)

Track 4: Cosmic Overtones of Intimate Reality (9:52)

Track 5: Journey with Drum and Monochord (15:39)

get the complete album here!

1.   Send $5-$25 donation, or what you are able, to my:


2.   To receive YouTube playlist album access, write in the comments section of your Venmo/paypal donation your email address you use to access YouTube, and I will add you to private album access. 


3.   OR to receive file download link, write in the comments section of your Venmo/Paypal donation the email address you'd like the file download link (includes both MP3 and WAV files) sent to, and include the word "files." 

🕰️All requests completed within 1 to 12hrs of sending donation. 

All donations support the creation of this and my future albums dedicated to our humanity's presence practice.

All music is ©Aaron Gannon .

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