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Aaron is literally a breath of fresh air, pun intended! He is highly skilled and attuned throughout the process. I completed 5 sessions with him and was able to reap dramatic, amazing benefits along my healing journey. His presence is very pure, wise, and compassionate as he safely and carefully guides you into deep spaces of potential and healing. With great gratitude,

Katie, Santa Fe, NM


"Three months ago I was led to the San Diego Qigong Meetup Group with Aaron Gannon. I do have some background w/ qigong and was already aware of its profound physical and emotional health benefits. So, I knew after the first practice that Aaron was an authentic teacher and healer. This form is amazing, very specific, simple yet complex. I love that it addresses each organ system and incorporates the healing benefits of sound and color. In this short time with this practice, I have regained 100% range of motion in a shoulder that I was told needed surgery. Aaron is a fabulous instructor-I am so enthused about continuing on with the practice and excited to experience the plethora of information forthcoming.......and wow, really, qigong overlooking the ocean??  In gratitude,"

Joni, Pacific Beach, San Diego


"I had never done Qigong before attending Aaron's classes in Griffith Park.  I had done a bit of Tai-Chi however so had a bit of understanding of Yin-Yang energy as applied to Tai Chi.  I wanted to do Qi Gong for the obvious benefits but also because due to previous surgeries and resultant nerve damage I had limited mobility and strength in my right arm. I also had lymphatic issues in that arm. I attended Aaron's Qigong class twice weekly most weeks for several months. I loved Aaron's energy and his teaching approach. My bad arm improved greatly- I mean a lot- over time as I continued class- both mobility and  stamina. I am sad for me but happy for him that he moved to North San Diego  County. I really really miss my classes in the lovely Fern Dell." 

Jodi, Los Angeles, 


"I had a lot of pain in my knees and it was affecting my mobility. I had no experience in qigong but was excited to try. After just a week of qigong I was so surprised that my knees were feeling 90 percent better and I was more active. I couldn’t believe I was feeling better so fast since I had been in pain for months and medication was not helping. I am in shock and awe, extremely grateful and excited to have found this magical class and a cure . I was almost giving up. I can’t wait to see how much my body will improve with these classes ." Arshiya, Rancho Santa Fe


"In my session I got so much wonderful insight and understanding about what’s going on with myself just by breathing.” LISTEN: Episode 1561 'Gaining Wisdom and Insight from Just Breathing'

Dr. Erica Middlemiss, host of Positive Head Podcast


"It was a very powerful experience, where time and space stopped for a short time. I felt like I learned something about myself and that I was able to cleanse my energy field through the practice. I came out of that event with a whole new perspective and felt very fresh, ready to take on the world again with renewed inspiration.”

Nicolette, San Diego


"Aaron provides a Safe and Loving Space as he guides you through the breathwork.I left feeling very Peaceful and filled with Joy afterwards."

Cathy, Fallbrook, CA



Cia, Encinitas, California

Sound and Color:

"It was easy for me to discern that Aaron is the real McCoy. I deal with chronic pain, due to 2 slipped disks in the spine causing sciatica (nerve damage). Around this time I was going through a major shift with my Lightbody. Aaron arrived promptly, and set up his magickal workshop right in my living room. A short talk was given, questions answered, and then it was Go time! I am a reiki master, visionary, psychic, therefore I know, see and understand the energies as colors, tones and notes, giving way to visions and instructions from the Higher realms. My first time with a healer, I open all my senses and allow. From the moment the session began, I was surrounded with my spirit guides, And Aaron's! We had a full house. As the music healing began, I was made aware of my lightbody, and how Aaron was making connections and clearing blockages, I could not do on my own. This is Priceless to a light worker! The feel of the "Instrument", was that of a Holy relic, sent from some unknown sector, to assist with my Full Awakening. Visually, I was lead through the light spectrum, through my chakras, and into the Subtle body (ethereal/astral) . I was wrapped in love and light as the vibrations and guides worked through Aaron, reverberating my entire world (rocking my world). I had thoughts of ORPHUES, the original musical healer. I was on fire with sensations, both psychic and physical. My pain was at a Zero, for the duration of the session. Aaron took his time, and really knocked this out of the park! Afterwards, I took some time to ground and come back to Earth. I was wildly impressed, comparing his work to the healing, of my Tibetan Buddhist Guru. Seeking for great praise, I said "YOU ARE THE ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA!" In this life, no matter how strong we are, we need help. Aaron was sent to me personally, by Heaven itself. I highly recommend this Healer!"

Korinne Wilson, Los Angeles

Sound and Color:

"About a year ago, I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia by 2 TMJ specialists. It was by far the worst, unending pain I had ever experienced. I was given drugs that made everything worse and told their efficacy would be short-lived and I would always be searching for a new drug to chase the pain and that there was no cure. At that time I had just met and started doing qigong with Aaron and I was quickly seeing and feeling benefits from the practice so I was ready to learn about his color/sound healing sessions. Each session was a little different, each was amazingly beautiful seeming to reach different levels and after each session I would feel a little better for a little longer. Eventually, I was out of pain and beyond that experience. Aaron is truly a healer and giver of his many gifts. If you are in pain, feel unbalanced or looking for your next best step, I wholeheartedly recommend the color/sound therapy with Aaron.  In gratitude, Joni Hobbs", San Diego, CA

Sound and Color:

"I didn’t know what to expect, as I’ve never had a colour healing before, or worked with a practitioner that combined sound and colour together. Aaron really takes sound healing to the next level. I notice there’s lots of sound healing around these days and every other kind of sound healing I previously had always had various positive effects on me, but nothing that so gently lead me back to myself like his work did. The sounds Aaron worked with created such a subtle and yet profoundly calming effect on me. The session recalibrated every part of my being. I don’t have words for the colour therapy to be honest, other than to say that it’s not for the mind and warrants being personally experienced. Aaron is a magician weaving his patients back into integrity. Just say YES!"

Esther, Bali, Indonesia

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